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North Daviess News

Est. 1915

North Daviess Holds Family Fun Night

By Joey Loftin ('15) & Jacob Ringer ('16)

        On October 14, the North Daviess School District held one of their semi-annual Family Fun Nights. Family Fun Night was introduced years ago so that parents, teachers, and students could have an enjoyable night of fun and participate in family activities. This time around, education-based games with topics ranging from Chemistry to measurement were featured. The kids also viewed a graphical display to represent how big our solar system is. Prize winners for the games included Orion Quist (K), Tori Dustman (2nd Grade), and Logan Malott (3rd Grade).

        Mr. Weese, who was in charge of organizing this Family Fun Night, was asked if he thought the event was a success. “I have not been to one in the past, but I thought it went well for being my first family fun night.”

        A big “Thank You” goes to Mr. and Mrs. Weese, Mrs. Doty, and all of the elementary staff for putting on another successful event.

North Daviess Students Visit Federal Reserve and WWI Museum

by MiKah Heckenbach ('16), Corey Moore ('15)

& Dylan Nelson ('16) 

        On October 15, 2014, the 8th, 9th, 11th, and 12th grades were taken on a field trip to the Federal Reserve Bank and WWI museum in Kansas City. They were accompanied by Mrs. Callie, Mr. Burns, Mrs. Lowrey, and Mr. Cook.

        The first stop was the World War I Museum. There were films the students got to watch and many exhibits that explained different aspects of the war.. The museum was full of interesting exhibits and everyone had their favorite section. For Mr. Burns, the “deadly darts” that were dropped by fighter pilots on unsuspecting soldiers, were the most interesting, while Dylan Nelson really liked the educational videos the museum showed. The students also had a scavenger hunt packet assigned to them by Mrs. Lowrey to complete for the day’s points

        The students then visited the Federal Reserve Building. The students were given a tour of the Truman Coin Collection and were shown where the money is taken and counted. It is here where it is determined whether the money is good enough to go back into circulation or be shredded. The Federal Reserve was also full of interesting exhibits from a 14-pound gold bar to a wall with 40 million dollars behind it. When asked what he found most interesting at the Federal Reserve, Jacob Ringer replied, “I liked the films that the bank showed, which explained the history of the Federal Reserve Bank system.” Mr. Cook added, “Other than the film that was shown, I thought the money sorting and destruction section was very interesting. The amount of automation involved was very cool.”

        Mrs. Lowrey organized the field trip as she has done several times in the past. She worked very hard getting everything together, and the North Daviess staff and students are very appreciative of her efforts.


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